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Thursday Feb 08, 2024

This podcast series explores a game-changing understanding of the human mind that operates ''before psychology'' - that exponentially increases the performance, resourcefulness and well-being for any individual or organisation.
In this episode, Piers chats with corporate coach Dominic Scaffidi. Dominic and Piers did three episodes together back in 2020 exploring 'What is behind the magic of transformational coaching' and now they get back together to see what has been evolving in their own groundings and work.
This episode explores what is truly transformative about coaching from this understanding of Before Psychology and Quality of Mind. It is a deep and sometimes technical conversation about the nature of consciousness, self-limitation, and the essence of being.
They explore the idea of achieving versus allowing, noting that individuals can only experience the expansive nature of their being by dropping their resistance. They discuss how people often look for solutions outside themselves, forgetting that their real identity is infinite. The conversation also includes examples from business to illustrate their points effectively.
This Episode Covers:
The only challenge we ever have in business is our own mind
The appearance of solidity and limitation. There is nothing solid really to be dealing with
A simple business example of how we innocently look in the wrong place
The confusion between how it appears success is created and what is actually going on 
The utilitarian usefulness of definitions
The desire for more to overcome the illusion of scarcity
The nuance between allowing and revealing
The limitlessness to what is available
Why people really come to coaching, what we are all seeking
Curious - want to know more?
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Dominic runs his own executive and team coaching business HR Possibilities, and you can find him on LinkedIn here 
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